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Website Hosting
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Host your website easily in a secure, fast, reliable and local environment. Our Windows 2000 and Linux Hosting Solutions are located locally with direct access to South Africa's largest internet backbones. Since 1999, we have been serving hundreds of various South African websites from our professional infrastructure. Whether you are an individual, creating your first web presence or have a company or corporate web requirement, we provide a variety of web hosting and web services to cater for any needs.

Do I have to sign a contract when I host with ASCENSION Studios?
No, We do however require thirty (30) days notice in writing from the Customer to Ascension Studios either by fax to 086 658 3703 or email to
Where are ASCENSION Studios's Servers Located?
Our server farm is located locally in a secure redundant environment with a direct connection to 200 Mbit internet connectivity.
What kind of bandwidth is available at ASCENSION Studios?
Our current infrastructure allows for up to 200 Mbits of bandwidth. We are directly connected to Internet Solutions backbone.
What kind of backups are conducted by ASCENSION Studios?
All websites and databases are backed up on a daily bases. All email is automatically backed up for seven days, so in the event of loss, website's, databases and email can be restored quickly at the client's request.
Can I host a database with my website?
All our Linux hosting solutions include one or more free MySQL databases. Windows hosting packages can also include a MySQL database for an additional monthly cost.
Can I host an MS Access database on my site?
Yes, all our Windows Hosting solutions support MS Access databases at no extra charge.
Does ASCENSION Studios provide anti-spam services?
By logging into the Email Administrative website you can setup your own anti-spam filters for your hosted domain.
Can I manage my own passwords?
Yes, you can change your Linux passwords through the CPanel or change your Windows passwords through our members area whenever you feel like it.
Does ASCENSION Studios support MS FrontPage?
Yes, both our Windows and Linux hosting solutions support MS FrontPage Server Extensions 2002.
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